Prices & Availability

Prices for this holiday villa in Vouzan, Charente

Prices start at just £700 per week which includes one bedroom.
Extra bedrooms are £200 per week.
The Gite is £250 per week.

If you want 2 bedrooms it’ll cost £900, if you want 3 bedrooms £1,100 and if you
want all 5 bedrooms in the main house it’ll cost £1,500 per week.
If you want to add in the Gite, it’ll be £1,750 per week.
The property has 5 bedrooms in the main house with 1 in the Gite. In an effort to
make the pricing a little more flexible and to encourage couples/friends/families
outside of the summer season (and dare we say, a little fairer to those who can only
take their holidays during term time), we've decided to offer the house at a basic
price of £700 per week (which includes 1 bedroom) plus £200 per week for each
extra bedroom (We have to pay per room for the house to be cleaned and so
whether there is 1, 2 or 3 people per room, we charge for the room). Through July
and August, we have a minimum booking of £1,100 per week (3 bedrooms)
The 5 bedrooms in the main house are 2 large doubles (one en-suite), 2 family
rooms (Can sleep 3 or 4 people) and 1 small double, essentially sleeping 10 to 14
people (up to 18 if you include the Gite). It is possible to put cots and a ‘zed bed’ into
any of the large doubles if needed.
The Gite on the site is a separate unit and can accommodate a family of 4. It is not
included in the letting price but can be included for an extra sum of £250 per week
(more to clean, I'm afraid). The Gite has 1 bedroom containing 1 double bed and 2
singles, 1 bathroom and its own living room (with free-sat and a wood-burner). The
Gite is close to the main house and is only offered as extra accommodation. It is not
offered as a separate let when there are people in the main house.
As there are 6 bed rooms (including the 1 in the Gite) the maximum anyone will pay
will be £1,750. Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a 25% deposit payment.